About Us

Welcome to G&L Studios,

We are a music post production studio, we handle everything from Audio editing, Mixing and Mastering. And recently we started to give tips to help self-producing musicians and aspiring audio engineers to achieve their desired goals for their records.

Our aim is to help you to achieve the sound that's in your head for your records and productions. Without overspending your hard sweat money in expensive gear (to don't get the results in the end ). We value knowledge more than gear.

If you have any questions or wish to work with us do get in touch.

Our Team


We had the chance to work with G&L studios from a 10000 km distance, and even if it wasn’t easy, we had a great impression of their job. We managed to communicate them how our music should sound, and they made it sound like we wanted, really great stuff. We had to wait really few time since we sent our music to the moment we received it back, just some days and the job was done. I recommend G&L Studios to everyone who wants his music to be mixed well in respect of the original sound.

Fabio Bolla Drummer, Fomalhaut