Know Your Meters Part 5 of 5: Phase Correlation Meter

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Today we are going to talk about the phase correlation meter.

This is a cool meter that can show you the mono compatibility of your mix.

And if you have significant problems in your stereo image.

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Let’s do it!

Reading a phase correlation meter is pretty easy. It has 3 positions:

  • -1: If the needle is on -1 means that your sides are out of phase from each other
  • 0: If the needle is on 0 instead means that your mix is stereo meaning that your right side is different than the left
  • +1: the +1 Indicates that your mix is perfectly mono, meaning the sides are identical.

This is very powerful because with this you can determine the mono compatibility of your mix. If your needle is hovering healthily between 0 and +1 you shouldn’t have a problem.

If your needle is going on the Left side leaning towards -1. It means that ou have some phasing issues in your mix, and most likely your mix won’t translate well in mono.

There is nothing much about the phase correlation meter to talk about but knowing these fundamentals on this meter will get you very far.

That’s it for today

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