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Audio Editing

Did you just finish your recordings and need them to feel more tidy and tight?
We are offering audio editing services that include everything from Drum timing correction to vocal pitch correction.
We will clean up all of your tracks from all the unwanted noise!

Pricing: USD 150 / Song Up to 24 Tracks
USD 300 / Song Up 24 to 48 Tracks
USD 500 / Song 48 to 56 tracks


Spent hours in arranging your songs, getting in the studio to record them and editing them, and now you need every part of your song to come together as a Clear, Punchy and exciting whole?
We glue your songs togheter with :
1 – Tactical Tonal Shaping
2 – Tasteful Compression
3 – Creative use of Ambience such as reverbs and delays to make your song shine
4 – Enhance the life of your track trough carefully adjusted automation, to bring to attention every important element of your song

PRICING : USD 250 / Song (3 complimentary revisions are included)


Do you have mixed your release and do you need to bring all the songs together to be cohesive as one Album or EP?
We can do the job for you, we make sure that your album will translate on every playback system!
We will give your mixes the last final shine before they get released, balance the tonal characteristic of every song included in your project, make sure that the loudness of every song is similar so that your album can flow smoothly while listening!

PRICING: USD 150 / Song (3 complimentary revisions are included)

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